BuildConfig.DEBUG always returns false


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If you see the error that BuildConfig.DEBUG always returns false in Android Studio, this is likely because you've imported another package's BuildConfig instead of your own. Follow the instructions below to fix it.

About BuildConfig

BuildConfig is a generated class. It gets output to your build folder, which is ignored by source control, so you likely are not realizing the file being generated at all. Many projects appear to expose their BuildConfig class so the intellisense in Android Studio will pick up on these, especially if yours hasn't been generated yet.

Why wouldn't be BuildConfig be generated?

Your BuildConfig may not be generated for a number of reasons:

  • The build directory has been deleted
  • You did a Project clean via Gradle, which deletes the build directory
  • You updated Android Studio and Gradle, which may have a side effect of doing a Gradle clean

How to fix BuildConfig.DEBUG always returns false

Delete any BuildConfig import from the file

Delete any imports that import BuildConfig. You don't need them.

Ignore import prompts

Just ignore the import prompts. Do not import another project's BuildConfig. Of course this will always be false because projects don't ship debug builds. If you haven't generated you're likely to see this error. Android Studio prompting to import BuildConfig If you import another package's build config, you're going to get the warning: BuildConfig.DEBUG: condition is always false. Android Studio presenting import options BuildConfig.DEBUG always returns false warning

Run Gradle build

Run the project as usual. You should see this error disappear. BiuldConfig.DEBUG no longer has warning


TLDR: BuildConfig is a generated class in your project. If Android Studio can't find it, it'll prompt you to import it. Don't import it or you'll get the lint warning. Run the project as usual, ignoring the red. Your problem should be solved.